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After more than 51 years we have retired from the A/E Design-Build Business, General Construction and Real Estate Business. Our special interest now is to help others find their life’s ambitions and a business they can be successful in. We want all our friends and customers to become financially independent and at the same time enjoy their work and have time to spend with their family and hobbies. We may feature a house plan, a plan to build furniture or other projects. We will be phasing out the building portion of our websites and be concentrating on bigger and better things for our friends and loyal customers.
We are proud to be part of many social networks learning everything that we can about the Internet Networking Business and building our first website. Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks. We hope to be in the pack that can learn a few tricks!
While we are working very hard to create books, plans and new ideas for our website we would like to inform you of a few money saving, money making sites and valuable tools that will drive customers to your website while you are working, traveling and even sleeping.
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Following are some items that you may have an interest in and will be launched to this site at a later date:



Attention Proud Parents And Grandparents
We have found the PERFECT gift for your toddlers and would like to share with you these unique utensils that will allow your daughters and sons to learn the art of feeding themselves without spreading food all over the kitchen or dining room. You can take these utensils with you to cafes and restaurants. You will get many compliments from other guests about the utensils that your child or children are using to feed themselves.

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